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  • Harper’s Bazaar feature on Robert Fry is out now

    To the Interview


  • Leonardo Silaghi in Triumph Gallery

    Gallery artist Leonardo Silaghi takes part in the group exhibition EXTENSION of the Triumph Gallery in Moscow.

    The show will be on from 19 February until 13 March 2016.

    Information about the exhibition


  • Stéphane Couturier featured in c’t Digitale Fotografie

    Feature about Stéphane Couturier in the german photography magazine c’t Digitale Fotografie.

    Portfolio Stéphane Couturier (German text)

    C’t Digitale Fotografie edition 1/2016

  • Mirrors to Windows

    A screening of Susan Steinbergs documentary “Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman” also featuring gallery artist Maliheh Afnan will be taking place at Saatchi Gallery, London on January 14th 2016.

    Mirrors to Windows

  • Sonny Sanjay Vadgama at Area52 in Stockholm/Sweden

    Sonny Sanjay Vadgama in the exhibition evolving/dissolving at Area52 in Stockholm/Sweden.

    Area52: evoling/dissolving


  • Unveiling of the sculpture „St. Barbara“

    Susanne Roewer Press article „A silver for the Holy Mountain Academyat the ceremonial unveiling of the sculpture St. Barbarain Freiberg.

    Artikel – AC AMONTA – Zeitschrif t für Freunde und Förderer der TU Bergakademie Freiberg


  • BALAGAN!!! Contemporary Art from the Former Soviet Union and Other Mythical Places

    Franziska Klotz takes part in the exhibition „BALAGAN!!! Contemporary Art from the Former Soviet Union and Other Mystical Places“ curated by David Elliott.

    NORDWIND-Festival Exhibition

  • Sotheby’s S|2

    Robert Fry takes part in the group show “The Nude in the XX and XXI Century” at Sotheby’s S|2 gallery.

    Press release “The Nude in the XX and XXI Century”

  • Maison européenne de la photographie

    Stéphane Couturier is exhibiting in the Maison européenne de la photographie from 12 November 2015 – 17 January 2016.

    Stéphane Couturiers exhibition

  • monopol | Interpol

    Stéphane Couturier „Alger – Climat de France“ Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin, bis 24. November

    Stéphane Couturiers Bilder von Bab-El-Oued



  • rbb | Kulturradio am Vormittag

    „Alger – Climat de France“ by Stéphane Couturier is a series, that focusses on a french quarter of Algiers. Curator Tilman Treusch introduces photographs and artist in a kulturradio interview.

    Kulturradio Interview

  • Franziska Klotz in Istanbul

    On invitation of the German state, and under the curatorial management of the Goethe-Institut in Istanbul, Franziska Klotz currently is artist in residence at the Deutsche Kulturakademie Tarabya in Istanbul.
    On the occasion of the 14th Istanbul Biennale works by Franziska Klotz will be shown in the exhibition „Imagination und Inszenierung“, organised by the Goethe-Institut Istanbul in the Bauart Galeri.

    Franziska Klotz in Tarabya

    exhibition „Imagination und Inszenierung“

    InEnArt on „Imagination und Inszenierung“

  • Susanne Roewer featured in the exhibition „Fieldrecording“

    Susanne Roewer will be featured in the exhibition „Fieldrecording“. The show at the Galerie im Turm, Frankfurter Tor 1, D-10243 Berlin is organized by the Berliner Kabinett Verein.

    Opening: Thursday, 20 August 2015, 7 pm
    Duration: 21 August – 8 October 2015

    Here you can read more (German only)


    On the occasion of the private view at Cambridge Judge Business School showcasing the latest work of Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, Girton College Artist in Residence (2014/15), ‚The Recess‘ was projected on the facade of the Fitzwilliam Museum.

    To the video

  • Alexander Polzin interviewed by Van-magazine

    A broad interview with Alexander Polzin – sculptor and stage designer – spanning from Contemporary Art to Opera.

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  • Hubert Scheibl at the Unteres Belvedere in Vienna

    Hubert Scheibl is one of the central artists of the show

    Selbstverständlich Malerei! Sammlung Ploner

    at the Unteres Belvedere in Vienna (Austria).

    Opening: Tue, Juli 7, 2015, 7 pm

    Duration of the exhibition: July 8 – September 27, 2015

  • Hubert Scheibl at Kunsthalle Wien | Individual Stories. Collecting as Portrait and Methodology

    Hubert Scheibl’s work is included in the show ‘Individual Stories. Collecting as Portrait and Methodology’ taking place at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna.

    The exhibition focuses on artists as collectors and the meaning of an artists collection for his or her own work.

    Individual Stories. Collecting as Portrait and Methodology | Kunsthalle Wien | 26 June – 11 October 2015

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  • Sonny Sanjay Vadgama at Cambridge Judge Business School

    Private view showcasing the latest work of Sonny Sanjay Vadgama, Girton College Artist in Residence (2014-2015) and international multi-media artist.

    The evening reception will culminate with a special installation on the facade of the Fitzwilliam Museum at sunset!

    Cambridge Judge Business School | Wednesday 17th June

    To the event

  • 68Projects featured on Handelsblatt

    Review of ‚When I Die‘ on HANDELSBLATT by Lucas Elmenhorst!!

    ‚Was bleibt von mir, wenn ich sterbe?…‘

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    Performance | 13th June 2015


    To the Giardino Webpage

    The Event (as PDF)

  • Hubert Scheibl at Albertina Museum (Vienna) | Abstract Art from Austria (1960 – Present)

    Hubert Scheibl’s work is included in the show ‘Abstract Art from Austria’ taking place at the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

    The exhibition focuses on the development of abstract painting and drawing in Austria since 1960.

    Abstract Art from Austria at Albertina Museum | 10 June – 6 September 2015

    To the Museum Webpage

  • Exhibition Susanne Roewer & Daniel Ybarra | Geneva | 2015

    Susanne Roewer in Geneva

    Susanne Roewer & Daniel Orson Ybarra
    Marge de Liberté

    21 May – 22 June 2015

    Abanico Foundation, Genf (CH)

  • Robert District interview

    ROBERT FRY in conversation with DISTRICT-W

    Interview with British Painter, Robert Fry, at Berlin Gallery Weekend | DISTRICT W MAGAZINE

    Here the link to the article

  • Exhibition Stéphane Couturier | CA’ASI | Venice | 9 May – 30 August 2015

    On the occasion of the 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale Stéphane Couturier is featured with his „Climat de France“ project as part of the exhibition „African Cities in Motion“.

    AS.Architecture-Studio Venedig
    9 May – 30 August 2015

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  • Works by Hubert Scheibl in the Austrian Parliament

    Since April 15, 2015, a selection of works by Hubert Scheibl is part of the exhibition „Transzendenzen“, curated by Hans-Peter Wipplinger for the parliament of the Republic of Austria in Vienna. Until March 2016 Hubert Scheibl’s works can be found in the Lokal V.

    Here you can read more (PDF in German)

  • Big feature on Franziska Klotz in the German magazine Art

    In the current issue of Art magazine you can find a big feature on Franziska Klotz, written by Adrienne Braun.

    Article as PDF (German with English summary)

  • Glober on Tamara Kvesitadze’s immortal sculptures

    Tamara Kvesitadze in conversation with Glober. Inspiration, references and ideas about sculpture.

    Turkish and English


    Article as PDF

  • „El Publico“ reviewed on the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    Great review of „El Publico“ – García Lorca

    Josef Oehrlein | Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    German only

    Article as PDF

  • Talk with Leiko Ikemura

    Galerie Kornfeld is pleased to host an artist-curator talk on Friday 27 February at 6pm. Open to the public.

    Venue: Fasanenstrasse 26, 10719, Berlin

    Time: 6 to 8pm

  • Annett Gröschner reviews Alexander Polzin’s „Hommage an Thomas Brasch“ at the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop

    In a wonderful, poetic text, published in the German newspaper DIE WELT, writer and journalist Annett Gröschner reviews the exhibition „Aus meinem Augenfenster… Hommage an Thomas Brasch“ by Alexander Polzin. The exhibition runs until March 15, 2015, at the Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop

    Here you can read more (sorry, only German)

  • Franziska Klotz exhibits in Moscow

    Tonight, Thursday 5 February 2015, will be the opening of the exhibition „Filling the Emptiness“ at K35 Art Gallery in Moskow. From 7 February until 8 March 2015 the exhibition shows works by Franziska Klotz, Gina Soden and Marina Federova.

    Here you can read more

  • Marleen Stoessel on Cicero about Maliheh Afnan

    Cicero Magazine features an article by journalist Marleen Stoessel that offers a deep insight on Maliheh Afnan’s art. (German only)

    To the article

  • Alexander Polzin | Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop

    Ostsee Zeitung, Review of the exhibition ‚Homage to Thomas Brasch‘ by Alexander Polzin

    1.2.15 to 15.3.15

    To the article

  • Ciria | Las Puertas de Uaset

    José Manuel Ciria | Las Puertas de Uaset

    A Youtube video guide us through ‚Las Puertas de Uaset‘ at Tabacalera

    Here you can watch the video

  • Robert Fry | Corner Magazine

    Robert Fry in conversation with Nancy Alsop for Corner Magazine in occasion of his nomination as one of the ‚100 Painters of Tomorrow‘.

    Section: Culture – The Artist

    Link to the online magazine

  • Ralf Peters Baum 5 2012 | Galerie Kornfeld Berlin

    Ralf Peters at Kunsthalle Recklinghausen

    Until 17 January 2015 a work by Ralf Peters can be seen in the exhibition “Hängengeblieben – 25 Jahre Kunstverein Recklinghausen”.

    Here you can learn more (Sorry, German only)

  • José Manuel Ciria on ‚Las Puertas de Uaset‘ | ABC Cultural

    Here our highlights:   – Time to mature can wait –

    ‚Las Puertas de Uaset‘ in Tabacalera explores a cross section of José Manuel Ciria’s work. Far from a retrospective, it is actually a gathering of his achievements around the concept of abstraction.

    . A different look.
    „I wasn’t interested in a retrospective, I believe it’s not the right time yet!“

    . London Calling.
    „I always strive for geographical changes to entail a transformation of the work.“

  • CIRIA | Las puertas de Uaset

    At ‚Tabacalera – Promocion del Arte‘ in Madrid a solo show embracing Jose‘ M. Ciria’s practice and his personal synthesis of gestural and geometrical abstraction.

    5.12.14 – 1.2.15

    To the website

  • Stéphane Couturier | Current and Upcoming Shows

    With numerous upcoming shows on the agenda, Stephane Couturier’s fall is set to be rich of events.

    More information on his website

  • Maliheh Afnan at Galerie Kornfeld | Der Tagesspiegel

    ‚Tonight the doors toward words will be opened‘ reviewed on Der Tagesspiegel – 25.10.14

    Thanks to Marleen Stoessel.

    Here you can read the article (Sorry, German only)

  • Sonny Paderborn

    „Poised on an Edge“ by Sonny Sanjay Vadgama as public installation in Paderborn (Germany)

    For two weeks in August Paderborn businesswoman Doris Jacoby showed „Poised on an Edge“ by artist Sonny Sanjay Vadgama as public installation in a shop window.

    Here you can read the article (Sorry, German only)

  • Weltkunst Maliheh Afnan

    Lisa Zeitz on Maliheh Afnan in the German art magazine Weltkunst

    In the current issue of  the German art magazine Weltkunst Lisa Zeitz, chief editor of the magazine, wrote an article about Maliheh Afnan. The exhibition is open until November 8, 2014.

    Here you can read the article

  • Sculpture Walk Jacksonville Florida

    „Turn-Gulliver“ by Susanne Roewer in Jacksonville, Florida (USA)

    Susanne Roewer’s sculpture „Turn-Gulliver“ is part of the Sculpture Walk in Jacksonville, Florida (USA).

    Here you can learn more

  • Peer gynt

    Peer Gynt – A Geography of Lies | Alexander Polzin

    A visualisation by Alexander Polzin in collaboration with Eivind Aadland.

    „Peer Gynt – A Geography of Lies“ is commissioned by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Premiere in October 2014.

    Here you can read more

  • Polzin for "El Publico"

    Alexander Polzin | Scenography of „El Público“

    Alexander Polzin curates the scenography of „El Público“, the most mysterious script by Federico Garcia Lorca just converted into opera by long-time friend Mauricio Sotelo. Premiere of the opera will be in February 2015 at Teatro Real in Madrid.

    Link to the article (only in Spanish)

  • Review of our exhibition Sonny Sanjay Vadgama on the homepage of German magazine „Art“

    Ute Thon of the German magazin „Art“ writes about our current exhibition Sonny Sanjay Vadgama. The exhibition can be seen up to October, 13, 2012.

    Here you can read the article (Sorry, German only)

    Here you can find more information on the exhibition

  • Leonardo Silaghi at Knoxville Museum of Art

    Last few days of the show ‚Leonardo Silaghi: 3 Paintings‘ at the Knoxville Museum of Art, Tennessee.

    Click the video link to make a virtual studio visit with the artist

  • Preview: Susanne Roewer exhibits at art’SAP in Dresden in autumn 2014

    On 12 September 2014 at 6 p.m. will be the opening of the exhibition „Rennen mit offenem Ausgang“ with paintings and sculptures by Susanne Roewer at art’SAP, Postplatz 1, 01067 Dresden (Germany).

  • Hubert Scheibl Bilder sind Loecher in der Realitaet Die Presse 04072014

    Interview with Hubert Scheibl in: Die Presse (Austria)

    An interview that the Austrian journalist Judith Hecht did with Hubert Scheibl has been published in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

    Here you can read the interview
    (Sorry, only in German)