Galerie Kornfeld 68projects
  • Alfred Kornfeld


    Alfred Kornfeld, born in 1966, is the initiator and founder of Galerie Kornfeld. The gallery brings together his longstanding passion for contemporary art with his professionell background in industry and commerce.

  • Dr. Tilman Treusch


    Tilman Treusch, born in 1968, holds a Ph.D. in Art History and has authored several publications on art and artistic theory from the 19th Century to the present. As a director of Galerie Kornfeld, he draws on a wealth of experience in the museum world and the art market.

  • Maria Moritz


    Maria Moritz, born in Salzburg, worked for over 20 years for Salzbuger Festspiele in VIP Relations. As the assistant of the gallerist she is responsible for the Back Office and is supporting the Sales Departement.